Friday, October 28, 2011

What Dreams will reveal...

In a totally former life, I was an assistant teacher for  Utah school for the Deaf and Blind for the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.  For Snacks we sometimes got the Smuckers uncrustables PB&J sandwiches and sometimes we got them for lunch as well.  A couple of times during the school year we would have a big surplus of these frozen delights so we made our own stuffed french toast.  I hadn't had one of these is over 8 years and I was dreaming about them last night. Must be time to make them again.

All it is is eggs, milk and a few dashes of Cinnamon whisked together for the batter, Dip the frozen sandwiches into the mix, and fry like you do french toast.  The Sandwiches have to be in a frozen state or they don't stay together while they are cooking. They do completely thaw out and get warmed up on the inside while cooking It's very yummy.  I will have to do that for Breakfast Sunday Morning.

As for now I have to get ready for work and I have less than 10 minutes remaining on my lap top battery.

Carry on!

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